The reason why 95% of businesses fail company is also the reason why most people do not become rich. Not because they do not have ideas, products, excellent service. But because they can not, do not know how to or refuse SALES SALES.


Mental or physical, emotional or financial. It's the number one skill in business and your life!



I'm Blair Singer - lecturer and tour guide of some business owners and some of the world's best selling and one of the consultants of Robert Kiyosaki (Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad's Advisors).

I invite you to attend the 2 day with me and you'll get the techniques, formulas and confidence of leaders and negotiators best in the world so that everyone must act before greeting your customers .

As a business person you should know how to sell to customers, potential customers, banks, investors and your team. The ability to raise capital is the key to business. Financial capital, human capital, and capital resources. If you can not sell, can not increase the amount of your money.

Do you want wealth?

The gap between where you are and who you want to be just a few moments.

You do not need to fight hard, or waiting impatiently to achieve their dreams and their goals. If you want to make a difference ... 2 days of the program will solve it for you.

It's time to raise your income in all areas of your life.


•Sales Advisor Robert Kyiosaki.

•Speaker, psychological experts on leadership and sales skills leading.

Blair Singer, author of best-seller "Sales Dogs" in the series of "Rich Dad Advisors" (rich dad's advice) said: "How much more marketing, sales efforts the less" . He explained, when sales marketing skills to become "special moves", customers are willing to open themselves for purchasing goods or services to you instead of you "sniff" look to them.

Blair Singer là một triệu phú người Mỹ, một doanh nhân và diễn giả hàng đầu thế giới, người sáng lập và đồng thời là CEO của Sales Partners World Wide. Ông là chuyên gia cố vấn về bán hàng của của Robert Kiyosaki – tác giả của bộ sách "Rich Dad – Poor Dad" nổi tiếng.

Blair Singer is a millionaire American businessman and a leading speaker, co-founder and CEO of World Wide Sales Partners. He is an expert advisor on the sale of Robert Kiyosaki - author of the book "Rich Dad - Poor Dad" fame. At the same time, he was a strategy consultant for nearly 100 leading companies such as HSBC, Singapore Airlines, IBM and other leading American companies in the Fortune 500 ranking.

As a trained professional class, with excellent communication skills fire, during the past 20 years, he has built up leading the team, increase sales and best exploit the capacity of staff, personnel training and branding for businesses.

Blair Singer's message is clear. To rich and successful in business, one of your skills is the ability to communicate, sell and teach others sales. Second, to build a successful business, you must know to build a championship team always win regardless of the circumstances. Blair Singer has helped thousands of individuals and companies from around the world to experience growth, return on investment and gain financial freedom in a short time.

The top selling point is analyzed thoroughly in the book Sales Dogs by Blair Singer. In Sales Dogs, he took pictures of the difference between the dog as to tell the difference between personal selling skills. He does not just help people realize their talents but also help identify talent of those around them to change sales strategy for success.

Business is simple sale. If you do not sell anything, do not generate revenue and profits your business can not survive.




Sales and Leadership Mastery Program - Mastering the Art of Sales and Leadership 2 day weekend will help anyone who wants to improve the likelihood of success in work and life.

The economy is causing big problems for many people. Tax increases, inflation, while decreasing income. You can accept it, or you can continue to make money regardless of how economies. Only those who were equipped with good skills can really be successful in the context of the current economy.

If you want to increase sales and earnings in the next 3 months, more than all of you put together last year - so join the Sales and Leadership Mastery Program - Mastering the Art of Sales and Leadership 2 days. This is where you will learn the skills to succeed in sales, business and finance.

  • How to build a solid trading system and to create a source of business capital assets to generate passive income that you want.
  • Drawing on his experience to repair, as well as your team to achieve results and life you want.
  • How to build and manage an excellent team to achieve great financial succes

HOTLINE: HN +84 0966 083 920 / HCM CTY +84 0902 762 389

“Blair Singer is one of my very close friends over the past 27 years. He's a good communicator, a training and a great man. As he said, when it comes to success, the only problem is making all of your thoughts.

Robert Kiyosaki
- Rich Dad Poor Dad, authors, trainers and entrepreneurs

"Sale and Sales Leadership program is great tyet. It is the foundation of a successful business. If not equipped with knowledge of the program, perhaps it will be difficult for us to compete with its rivals.
After the program I have thoroughly apply the knowledge learned in their business and overall 2012 revenue to exceed 30% of companies plan proposed. 2013 I believe we will be more successful. ”

Mr. Truong Dinh Long
-- Founder, Director of Thanh Thinh Co.


"I am pround to be one of Blair Singer’s students, not only course “Art of Sale and Leadership” but also other Personal development courses. In addition to his experiences and outstanding skills, what really moved me is the great heart of the great teacher. If you want to become a sucessful leader, first you need to become a great teacher because everything comes from the roots. Training your employees and building your team is also the same. "

Mr. Nguyen Duy Nhan,
- Expert of Marketing Strategy and Management Life

HOTLINE: HN +84 0966 083 920 / HCM CTY +84 0902 762 389
At Ho Chi Minh
31 July - 01 August 2015
Grand Hotel, 8 Dong Khoi, Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam
* Blair Singer is responsible for most of the presentation, always ask for the document to be fully prepared.
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